Rose Pettle is the owner of Florist Gump, a chain of flower shops throughout Texas.  Ever the entrepreneur, Rose launched, an internet business selling many floral items in her brick and mortar stores. is a separate Florida corporation with no physical location or offices in Texas.  However, for the convenience of its customers,  

Stressed out from her job as the manager of Brewed Awakening, a Houston-area coffee shop, Mary Jane Blunt heads to Colorado with her family for a well-deserved Spring Break ski vacation.  Blunt is excited to learn that Colorado recently legalized marijuana.  While on vacation, Blunt fully enjoys Colorado’s beautiful slopes and relaxed drug laws.  

CHL in TexasSam Colt lives in Dallas and is a gun enthusiast.  As a result of a rash of car jackings in his neighborhood, Colt regularly carries a Glock 9mm in his vehicle for self-protection, although he does not have a concealed handgun license.  Driving to his local bank last week, Colt tosses his gun into the

Hank Hill, a resident of Arlen, Texas, works as a salesman selling propane and propane accessories.  Extremely unhappy with the results of the recent presidential election, Hill initiates a petition for Texas to secede from the United States.  Hill claims that Texas was a sovereign nation when it joined the Union in 1845 and that

Aaron Elvis is a world-renowned chemist.  His latest paper explaining the chemical origins of life has received unprecedented acclaim in the scientific community.  However, there is a small problem.  Elvis manipulated some of his test results upon which the paper was based, and now one of his graduate students is about to expose Elvis as