During far happier times, Jessica Simpleton purchased a front row, 50-yard line ticket for a Cowboy’s game at their new $1.1 billion Arlington stadium.  At the time, Simpleton was dating Tony Roentgen, the Cowboy’s team radiologist.  However, as a result of their recent (and messy) breakup, Simpleton is no longer a Cowboy’s fan and is

On the Fourth of July, Jerry Jetski was operating his brand new 250 hp Kawasaki jet ski on Lake Woebegone. Jerry spotted his good friend, Sarah Splash, near the shore. In a playful mood, Jerry took off accelerating at a high rate of speed on a collision course with Sarah only to make a last

It is a magnificent April day and the ballpark has that palpable air of excitement that only opening day can bring.  For on this one day, everyone is still batting a thousand and your team is undefeated despite the fact that the owner refuses to pay for good pitching.  The stands are filled with the

Buck, Dick and Buddy were old college friends who hunted together every year over dove season’s opening weekend. This year, plenty of summer rainfall filled up even the shallowest tanks, so the dove were not flying to water like normal. So the three friends started down a sunflower row, each carrying a 12-gauge shotgun with