CHL in TexasSam Colt lives in Dallas and is a gun enthusiast.  As a result of a rash of car jackings in his neighborhood, Colt regularly carries a Glock 9mm in his vehicle for self-protection, although he does not have a concealed handgun license.  Driving to his local bank last week, Colt tosses his gun into the

Aaron Elvis is a world-renowned chemist.  His latest paper explaining the chemical origins of life has received unprecedented acclaim in the scientific community.  However, there is a small problem.  Elvis manipulated some of his test results upon which the paper was based, and now one of his graduate students is about to expose Elvis as

Chuck Ponzi is subpoenaed to testify in a fraud case concerning a complex pyramid scheme.  Ponzi’s deposition testimony is critical to the Plaintiff’s claims that investors were promised a 100% profit within 90 days of their investment.  Having read about Roger Clemens recently avoiding perjury charges because his deposition testimony was not presented in court

Lou Pole was indicted on charges of first degree murder and pled not guilty to the killing of his three-year-old son. The prosecution sought the death penalty in a six week trial that received intensive national media attention and was a popular topic on television talk shows. Pole did not testify at his trial. To

Bjorn Free left Dallas for a 10 day photo safari.  While on his African adventure, Bjorn’s 20-year-old son, recently back from college and in need of a place to stay, agrees to house sit.  Upon his return and after getting rid of some serious jetlag, Bjorn goes through his giant pile of mail.  Hidden among

Dangers of Online GamblingFor Amarillo Slim, April 15th this year was much more than “Tax Day,” it was Black Friday when the Justice Department charged the owners of his favorite online poker sites PokerStars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, with bank fraud and money laundering and shut them down. In addition to shutting down the

After downing vodka gimlets at a friend’s Super Bowl bash, Al Coholic gets behind the wheel of his shiny bimmer and carefully winds his way up Central Expressway.  Al travels a few miles before he notices flashing red lights in his rear view mirror and realizes that a police officer is pulling him over.  Al

Alice B. (“Babette”) Toklas has a new pastry catering business which she operates from her home. The only delicious delectable pastry, and best seller, that Babette sells is her special, knock you over brownies with their “secret ingredient.” Babette’s husband Douglas is a writer. While Douglas and Babette rely upon the income from Toklas Tasties

Oyle E. Driller’s rig caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico last summer, and he has been scrambling ever since. Almost too late, Oyle allowed his corporate communications department to hire the public relations firm of Frank Lee Madear and his partner Gemma Damm who specializes in crisis management-public relations. To report current information and