Originally designed to share our practical insights, a little humor and some business common sense, Jamie Ribman and I wrote for our Maverick clients – entrepreneurs who dare big, plan big, think big and often find themselves in big trouble.

When Jamie left to go in-house with a firm client in 2014, Drew York ably stepped in. We re-directed a bit and, of late, have intentionally reacted more to legal issues presented by current events.

As both the world and our lives have changed, so has Tilting… and our clients. More and more I observe that they, like I, have families who are in transition, and along with the transition, the predictable chaffing and challenges – both legal and familial – of one kind or another.

Living and witnessing these changes – in the lives of others and in my own family – I find that I am drawn to be both an attorney and a counselor-at-law to my clients and their families. Going forward, more and more of my blog articles will be about them.

Since Tilting first appeared in 2008, Drew has become a partner in the firm and represents business owners in the commercial world and perhaps the world’s oldest Mavericks – farmers – in class action cases. Of late, much of his time has been spent on two agriculture class action cases involving rice and corn farmers in federal court based out of the mid-west. Drew has a knack for finding cutting edge issues – many of which are humorous – to contribute to Tilting.

Going forward, both Drew and I promise to continue the inaugural mission to share their practical insights, a little humor and some business (and a little family) common sense.

In honor of Tilting’s 10th anniversary, here are our top 10 most read posts:

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