Frazzled by the incessant demands for her company Acne Brick’s financial records from her husband’s divorce lawyer Ditcher Quick, company president Annie Acne was wondering what her next maneuver might be when her Information Technology officer walked into her office. The subpoena that he was holding demanded production of all Acne email communications between Annie and (i) her divorce lawyers and (ii) her attorney brother who helped her rearrange just a few things. Annie immediately called her attorney Elle O’Quent to ask, “Can Acne Brick be ordered to produce Annie’s emails from Acne’s computer?”
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Pat McCann, a famous 26-year-old super model, was traveling to New York for a lingerie catalogue photo shoot. While standing in line at airport security, Pat overheard a TSA employee tell another passenger that their new full-body scanner was one of 400 recently deployed around the country. Affectionately dubbed a “virtual strip search,” the new