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Last month Tilting blogged about Peter LoDuca, Steven A. Schwartz and their New York law firm who New York Federal Judge Kevin Castel chastised for submitting non-existent judicial opinions with fake quotes and citations created by the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT. Worse yet, they continued to stand by the fake opinions after Judge Castel challenged their brief. Though LoDuca and Schwartz claimed they were “unaware of the possibility that [ChatGPT’s] content could be false,” Judge P. Kevin Castel ordered them to appear earlier this month to evaluate whether sanctions were warranted.Continue Reading Lawyers and ChatGPT — Averting a Possible Disaster

Believing that a non-binding term sheet and earlier written agreements precluded any unwritten partnership, Original Oil Production Services (OOPS) cut out its colleague Petroleum United Transfer Zenith (PUTZ) and secretly negotiated its own sweet deal with a competitor.

Aghast upon discovering that OOPS took sole ownership and advantage of the joint efforts of these midstream