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A Lawyer and a Juror

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO

This month I am flushing the format to talk about jury duty. I recently got selected to serve on a jury in a civil case. The experience fascinated me because, as a civil trial lawyer myself, it gave me the opportunity to see a trial from a juror’s perspective in the courtroom and in the… Continue Reading

Selling What You Don’t Have…What Happened to my Super Bowl Tickets?

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Legal Risk Management, Money

Thursday before Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix Ima Goen Nomattawatta, a huge Patriots fan, found an online broker Izzure Scalp with Super Bowl tickets for $2,500 apiece. Not believing that he could get 4 tickets at only $750 above face value, Nomattawatta quickly called three buddies, found flights and non-refundable hotel rooms, and all four… Continue Reading

Sony vs. N. Korea – Let Capitalism Fight Totalitarianism!

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Legal Risk Management

Cyber terrorism, North Korea, Sony, extortion, free speech, The Interview, international relations, journalistic ethics, cyber security… can it get any better than this? Implausible – a C grade comedy movie The Interview about two hapless TV journalists recruited by the CIA to assassinate a sitting world leader North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. Appalling –… Continue Reading

Ebola: Individual’s Freedoms v. Community Health Concerns – Who Wins?

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO

Last month I wrote about employers’ potential liability for Ebola in the workplace.  Now state governments are seeking to quarantine citizens to protect against the possibility of a health epidemic.  An inherent conflict exists between individual freedoms and the government’s interest to protect public health. Can the government quarantine an individual? What happens if the individual… Continue Reading

Weighing in – 1.2 Billion Usernames and Passwords. What, Me Worry About CyberSecurity?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, *Weighing In - IMHO

Last month one of our lead articles was Cyber Security: Forewarned is Fair-Warned. Last week the New York Times published an article reporting that at least 1.2 billion usernames and passwords were hacked by a Russian cybercrime group by the name of CyberVor from upwards of 420,000 distinct web sites. A very interesting CNN article on… Continue Reading

Cyber Security: Forewarned is Fair-Warned

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Legal Risk Management

When Wei Wong, owner of Sushi Mushi, a popular Japanese food bistro in Texas, installed a phone add-on to take credit and debit card payments straight from his employees’ phones, his revenues skyrocketed. Yesterday the Feds told him that his customers’ credit and debit card numbers were posted for sale on an underground website. Malware planted… Continue Reading

Open-Carriers Pose a Threat to Restaurants with Liquor Licenses

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Constitutional Rights & Issues

Regardless of their personal stance on any hot-button social issue, most business owners do not want their place of business to be the focus of demonstrations on that issue – wisely so, because rarely does being the focus of a political demonstration go hand-in-hand with making money.   However, recently some gun enthusiasts in Dallas put… Continue Reading

Avoiding Judicial Hellholes

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Legal Risk Management

Special thanks to Gray Reed’s Drew York for this blog contribution. Bedder Sailz, a salesman for Orange Computers, Inc., lives in Seattle, Washington, and frequently travels on business. After successfully closing a computer deal in Dallas, Sailz catches East-West-Wings (EWW) flight #101 from Dallas home to Seattle. When the plane’s front wheel collapses on landing,… Continue Reading

Collision Course – Are Football Players Also Employees?

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Employment & Labor, Sports & The Outdoors

Conner “Big Hit” Carter retired from professional football 10 years ago after a highly acclaimed career. Big Hit’s punishing tackles earned him numerous pro bowl appearances as well as a hefty pay check and several head injuries. Recently, Big Hit has experienced Alzheimer’s-like symptoms including memory loss, depression and severe mood swings causing him to… Continue Reading

Too Many People in the Bed: Can Texas Passengers Legally Ride in the Bed of a Pickup?

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, *Weighing In - IMHO, Legal Risk Management

Herb Rice is looking to buy a new vehicle for his growing farm operations.  He has his eye on a 2012 Ford F-150 pick-up truck with a cab seating capacity of three.  During planting season, Herb routinely transports up to seven workers between his fields.  Accordingly, some workers will have to ride in the back… Continue Reading

Some Good Deeds Go Unpunished – Can You Be Sued for Rendering First Aid

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Legal Risk Management

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning at the swanky Bushwood Country Club.  Carl Spackler, the greens keeper, has done a remarkable job of ridding Bushwood of its recent gopher problem, and the course is in immaculate shape for the club championship.  Al Czervik, a member of the day’s first foursome, approaches the first tee box, carefully… Continue Reading