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Tilting the Scales Business Issues with a Legal Slant

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Successfully Selling Your Business: Top 6 Potential Pitfalls

Posted in Company Management

Among the growing number of business owners looking to sell their business, JR and Sue Ellen Pawlenty are in the market to sell their darling Pawlenty Energy. This month, Tilting the Scales highlights a variety of issues is its first installment of a series discussing the potential pitfalls that closely-held business owners should be wary of when selling their… Continue Reading

Safety Over Convenience: When Should Employers Investigate their Employees’ Mental State?

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Legal Risk Management

Stephen F. Austin is the CEO of Alamo Lines, a bus line servicing Central Texas. One night, a young, promising driver, David Boone, confessed to Stephen that he was suffering from severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Boone did not mention that his depression was due to the breakup of his romantic relationship with co-worker, Samantha… Continue Reading