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Protecting your Business from a Lack of “Wedded Bliss”

Posted in *Way Out - Advice

Richard and Rachel Rich married 30 years ago and enjoyed a tempestuous union ever since. One year prior to their marriage, Richard started up a small computer products company, Orange Computers. During the marriage, Orange Computers’ business skyrocketed after the introduction of their premier line of attractive digital personal assistants. Even after taking his business… Continue Reading

Common Law Marriage

Posted in Family Issues

Corrie O. Graff and Dan Saul Knight are ice dancers competing at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.  Graff and Knight have lived together for eight years in a North Dallas apartment adjacent to the Galleria, where they sneak onto the ice each night after the mall closes.   Besides competing together, the two have also… Continue Reading

Annulling a Marriage Rather than Divorce

Posted in Family Issues

Marianne Haste and William Arryme developed a close relationship through a popular online dating service.  After dating for several months, Marianne and William recognized that they were meant for each other and scheduled a Valentine’s Day wedding.  After a beautiful, fairytale wedding, the newlyweds were whisked away in a limousine to live happily every after. … Continue Reading

Workplace “Love Contracts” Acknowledging Unmarried Relationships

Posted in Employment & Labor, Family Issues

Valentine’s Day is over and, despite the fading roses on Connie’s desk, Dale Dalliance and Connie Canoodle were adamant that they have no romantic involvement. That is, until the new company security camera caught them in a compromising situation in the warehouse last week. To compound the problem, Dale is married and is a line… Continue Reading

Creative Prenuptual Agreements

Posted in Family Issues

Sally Svelte was just wild about Harry. They agreed to exchange traditional wedding vows – with just a couple of additions written into a prenuptial agreement. Harry, smitten by Sally’s slender 120 pound figure and her famous Thanksgiving Holiday Pecan Pie, proposed that her weight must stay at 120 pounds.  The agreed contractual penalty for… Continue Reading