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Selling Your Business: Why Accurate Financials are Important

Posted in Company Management

This is the fourth installment of a series discussing potential pitfalls that JR and Sue Ellen Pawlenty, who own Pawlenty Energy, should be wary of when they are trying to sell their business. Recently, Tilting the Scales highlighted Successfully Selling Your Business: Top 6 Potential Pitfalls; So You Might Sell Your Business Someday: Do You Need a Broker?;… Continue Reading

Successfully Selling Your Business: 4 Tips – No Matter the Buyer

Posted in Company Management

Among the growing number of business owners looking to sell their business, JR and Sue Ellen Pawlenty are in the market to sell their company Pawlenty Energy. Recently Tilting the Scales highlighted Successfully Selling Your Business: Top 6 Potential Pitfalls and So You Might Sell Your Business Someday: Do You Need a Broker?  For multiple reasons, such as… Continue Reading

An Invitation to Investors Risks Losing Control of Your Business

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Legal Risk Management

Cleve and I recently discussed how a business owner’s divorce might result in losing control of the business. While loss of business control by marital divorce is a real threat, many business owners lose their companies through “business divorces” after squabbling with their investors. Some new businesses are overnight successes, like Ben Distiller’s Texas Whiskey… Continue Reading

Protecting your Business from a Lack of “Wedded Bliss”

Posted in *Way Out - Advice

Richard and Rachel Rich married 30 years ago and enjoyed a tempestuous union ever since. One year prior to their marriage, Richard started up a small computer products company, Orange Computers. During the marriage, Orange Computers’ business skyrocketed after the introduction of their premier line of attractive digital personal assistants. Even after taking his business… Continue Reading

Five New Texas State Laws from the 83rd Legislature Affecting Every Business

Posted in *2013 Legislative Updates, *BTW - Noteworthy

Jeff Leach (LRM associate and Texas House Representative), helped us recap 5 bills of critical interest to you and your business passed in the last Session. DRUG TESTING FOR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS (SB 21) Drug testing required to receive unemployment benefits IF employer required pre-employment drug screening. The legislation, effective September 1, mandates if someone submits… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Piece of the Pie: Texas Adopts the Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

Pizza the Action is a major distributor of pizza dough and toppings and provides these products to many large national pizza chains.  Pizza the Action’s top sales person, Eaton Wright, just announced that he was resigning and that he had accepted a position with The Pie’s the Limit, an upstart competitor in the very same… Continue Reading