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Wanna Bet? Betting About Baseball Returns to the News

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In 2011, Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun became the first MLB player to successfully challenge, and evade, a 50-game suspension for suspected use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).  Coincidentally, that same year, Braun went on to win the National League MVP award.  Although many thought that Braun escaped on a technicality, Braun was not without… Continue Reading

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: HB 700 Seeks to Allow Handguns to be Carried Openly

Posted in *2013 Legislative Updates, *BTW - Noteworthy, Constitutional Rights & Issues, Criminal Law, Sports & The Outdoors

Will this Legislative Session impact business owners? With the assistance of our own LRM Freshman State Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, Tilting the Scales will periodically post updates on bills that might affect your business, along with an occasional humorous twist. As an example and keeping in the tone of this month’s postings on gun control, as the… Continue Reading

Glock on Board: Can you Keep a Handgun in Your Car if you Don’t have a Concealed Handgun License?

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Constitutional Rights & Issues, Criminal Law, Sports & The Outdoors

Sam Colt lives in Dallas and is a gun enthusiast.  As a result of a rash of car jackings in his neighborhood, Colt regularly carries a Glock 9mm in his vehicle for self-protection, although he does not have a concealed handgun license.  Driving to his local bank last week, Colt tosses his gun into the… Continue Reading

IRS Going For The Gold: Do Olympic Medal Winners Have to Pay Taxes on Their Winnings?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Money, Sports & The Outdoors

Justin Thyme is a member of the U.S. Olympic swim team and is returning from London with a gold medal in the 400 meter individual medley.  After 10 years of dedicated training, Thyme secured first place when he edged out the next closest finisher by a mere .0007 seconds.  After the medal ceremony, Thyme is… Continue Reading

Collision Course – Are Football Players Also Employees?

Posted in *Weighing In - IMHO, Employment & Labor, Sports & The Outdoors

Conner “Big Hit” Carter retired from professional football 10 years ago after a highly acclaimed career. Big Hit’s punishing tackles earned him numerous pro bowl appearances as well as a hefty pay check and several head injuries. Recently, Big Hit has experienced Alzheimer’s-like symptoms including memory loss, depression and severe mood swings causing him to… Continue Reading

Bounty Hunters on the Football Field

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Sports & The Outdoors

Reports surfaced last week that several NFL teams were linked to a “bounty” scandal in which defensive players and coaches pooled cash together to pay players for big hits, which resulted in “knockouts” or “cart-offs.” As the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, fashions an appropriate punishment, the scandal could have both civil and criminal implications.  As… Continue Reading

Texas Concealed Handgun Laws

Posted in Sports & The Outdoors

Paige Turner works at a small bookstore in El Paso, Texas directly on the U.S./Mexico border. As a result of a string of armed robberies in the same shopping center, Paige wants to carry a handgun while at work. After weeks of research, Paige finally settles on a Glock 9 mm, attends a concealed handgun… Continue Reading

Scalping Sports Tickets

Posted in Sports & The Outdoors

During far happier times, Jessica Simpleton purchased a front row, 50-yard line ticket for a Cowboy’s game at their new $1.1 billion Arlington stadium.  At the time, Simpleton was dating Tony Roentgen, the Cowboy’s team radiologist.  However, as a result of their recent (and messy) breakup, Simpleton is no longer a Cowboy’s fan and is… Continue Reading

Personal Watercraft Laws

Posted in Sports & The Outdoors

On the Fourth of July, Jerry Jetski was operating his brand new 250 hp Kawasaki jet ski on Lake Woebegone. Jerry spotted his good friend, Sarah Splash, near the shore. In a playful mood, Jerry took off accelerating at a high rate of speed on a collision course with Sarah only to make a last second… Continue Reading

Liability for Baseball Foul Balls

Posted in Sports & The Outdoors

It is a magnificent April day and the ballpark has that palpable air of excitement that only opening day can bring.  For on this one day, everyone is still batting a thousand and your team is undefeated despite the fact that the owner refuses to pay for good pitching.  The stands are filled with the… Continue Reading

Liability for Hunting Accidents

Posted in Sports & The Outdoors

Buck, Dick and Buddy were old college friends who hunted together every year over dove season’s opening weekend. This year, plenty of summer rainfall filled up even the shallowest tanks, so the dove were not flying to water like normal. So the three friends started down a sunflower row, each carrying a 12-gauge shotgun with… Continue Reading