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Do I Owe Income Taxes When I Rent Out My Home?

Posted in Money, Property Issues

Over the summer, Brad Bevos’ company relocated him from Austin to Springfield, Illinois. A University of Texas alum and huge Longhorn football fan, the move bummed Brad because he won’t be able to attend home games this season.  Because hotels are scarce during home game weekends, and other special events at UT, Brad decides to… Continue Reading

Personal Guaranties: What? Me Worry?

Posted in Property Issues

Franklin, a Senior at Fraternal State, is finally moving off campus to his own apartment with four of his buddies. Before Owen Ohner, the landlord, will approve their lease, he requires a personal guaranty from all the parents. The landlord’s rep Lyn Lackey assures Franklin’s Dad Milton Munney that the guaranty is “standard.” Could this… Continue Reading

So You Might Sell Your Business Someday. Do You Need a Broker?

Posted in Company Management, Money, Property Issues

This is the second installment of a series discussing potential pitfalls of which closely held business owners should be wary when they are trying to sell their business. Here’s a link to our first installment. After a lifetime of pouring time and energy into growing and expanding, Pawlenty Energy, JR and Sue Ellen Pawlenty are… Continue Reading

Animal House – Can You Own Exotic Animals?

Posted in Property Issues

Phil Elliott, wide receiver for the North Dallas Bulls, posts a photograph on Instagram showing his new pet tiger hanging out in his backyard in Preston Hollow.  His post goes viral and becomes a hot news topic.  The next day, PETA claims Elliott’s tiger is illegal and requests the Dallas Police Department seize the tiger. … Continue Reading

Declaring War on Drones Part Deux: Is a Drone Operator/Owner Liable for Trespassing?

Posted in Property Issues

Last month Tilting discussed whether Daisy Duke and her Uncle Jesse faced civil or criminal liability for shooting down Boss Hogg’s drone trespassing over their property. To recap: Daisy Duke was sunbathing by her Uncle Jesse’s pool when a drone owned by Boss Hogg began hovering over the pool area. Daisy freaked out, and Uncle… Continue Reading

Eminent Domain and Condemnation – What’s It All About?

Posted in Property Issues

Texan ranch owner Hugh Steerman (fondly known as “Gramps”) just received notice that his family’s fourth-generation, 2,000-acre, Rambling Steer Ranch is a possible pathway for the West Texas Rail from Fort Worth to El Paso. Gramps is concerned that the planned route will split the Rambling Steer, prohibiting cattle from being moved across the tracks… Continue Reading

Declaring War on Drones: Is it a Crime to Shoot Down a Drone over Your Property?

Posted in Constitutional Rights & Issues, Criminal Law, Property Issues

Trying to avoid the sweltering heat, “Uncle Jesse” Duke was in the garage working on his moonshine operation when he heard a loud shriek in the backyard. He ran to the back to find his niece, Daisy, sunbathing by the pool. Daisy shouted, “That drone keeps hovering over the pool area looking toward me. Do… Continue Reading

Open Carry? Or Not?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Constitutional Rights & Issues, Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

Police Chief Steroid McMuscles reported that Colt Glockenhand who entered Wally-Mart with a shotgun was not charged with “engaging in the lawful open carry of a pump-action shotgun” – a violation of the Cut and Shoot town ordinance. However, when Colt entered Kreamy Kreme, loaded his shotgun and pumped it in front of witnesses, Chief… Continue Reading

Finding Fault with Fracing – Lawsuits and Earthquakes

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Property Issues

Lisa Frick, our fictional Denton resident, who collected anti-fracing ordinance signatures to put on the Denton City Ballot now complains that fracing near old Texas Stadium caused earthquakes that harmed her twin sister Linda. Linda wants to sue our November fictional friend Frac Petroleum Company, contending that her Irving home was damaged by the January… Continue Reading

Does My Business Need Riot Insurance?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Property Issues

Broken windows, looting and fires were some of the lasting images from the Ferguson, Missouri riots.  And if you looked at those pictures closely, you may have noticed that a substantial number of the damaged businesses were locally-owned, “mom and pop” shops.   And if you are a business owner, you couldn’t help but ask yourself… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Piece of the Pie: Texas Adopts the Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

Pizza the Action is a major distributor of pizza dough and toppings and provides these products to many large national pizza chains.  Pizza the Action’s top sales person, Eaton Wright, just announced that he was resigning and that he had accepted a position with The Pie’s the Limit, an upstart competitor in the very same… Continue Reading

Is There a Murder in the House: Does an Owner have the Obligation to Disclose a Murder on the Property

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Property Issues

Days after closing on their dream home – a brick colonial near the historic Texas Capitol – Hino and Mino Schute learned of their property’s ghastly past. Eleven months earlier, an intruder entered the house, shot and killed a 9-year-old girl and her father. Horrified, the Schutes unsuccessfully demanded their money back. When that failed,… Continue Reading

Have Gun, Will Travel: Owner’s Liability to Patrons for Violent Acts

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Constitutional Rights & Issues, Criminal Law, Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

Attendees at the midnight showing of the remake of the movie “Paladin – the Gentleman Black Knight” were ambushed at the Orpheum Theater. According to news reports the accused bought a ticket and sat in the audience. He waited until after the movie started and then stepped out where he donned riot gear and re-entered… Continue Reading

Differences Between Surface & Mineral Estate Ownership

Posted in Property Issues

Seldon Wright, an accountant, searched for years to find the perfect piece of property to open his tax preparation business, Many Happy Returns.  At long last, Wright finally located and purchased an ideal parcel from Molly Kuehl, a physicist at the local university.  Several months after Wright finished construction of his office and opened for… Continue Reading

Should you Purchase Rental Insurance?

Posted in Property Issues

Les Plack, a dentist from Houston, took his family on a thrilling summer vacation to Baltimore, Maryland to fulfill his lifelong dream of visiting the National Museum of Dentistry.   Having collected his luggage at the Baltimore Washington International Airport, Plack headed to the Joy Ride Rental Car counter to rent a sporty Kia Sedona for… Continue Reading

Litigious Lessees and Other Customers

Posted in Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

The newspapers recently reported the story of woman who filed suit seeking a $100,000+ recovery from her landlord and former neighbor for damages allegedly caused by cigarette smoke drifting through the adjoining walls of their upscale townhome.  Sue Yu alleges that construction defects at the Tiffany Townhomes allowed Marilyn Marlboro’s (her neighbor) cigarette smoke to… Continue Reading

Explanation of bills that did, and did not, get passed

Posted in Constitutional Rights & Issues, Employment & Labor, Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

The 81st Texas Legislature that began in January ended with an exhausting five-day filibuster of the voter identification bill, a legislative logjam of other major legislation left for debate until late in the session, a frantic last ditch attempt to save much of that legislation, and a final-day meltdown in the Senate. The 2009 session… Continue Reading

Protesting Property Tax Valuations

Posted in Money, Property Issues

Ward and June recently received their property valuations from Comfort County. Their broker son Beaver Cleaver told them that, because county property valuations are intended to reflect the market value of the property as of January 1 this year, widespread foreclosures, declining building permits and high office vacancy rates should send Comfort County property values… Continue Reading