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Dashing Through Non-Competes Christmas Style

Posted in Employment & Labor, Non-Competes

Wanting to expand out of North Dakota before the Christmas season, Homer’s Christmas Tree Farm picked Bubba’s Christmas Farm in the Texas Panhandle. Knowing that Bubba’s employee, Skeeter Jones, was critical to Bubba’s continuing success, Homer required Skeeter to sign a new employment contract complete with non-competition and non-solicitation provisions under North Dakota law. When… Continue Reading

Texas Noncompetition Agreements are Enforceable

Posted in Employment & Labor, Non-Competes

For most of the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was considered to be nearly impossible to have an enforceable non-compete in Texas. After clarification by the Texas Supreme Court in 2006, non-competition agreements in Texas have found new life. Non-competition agreements typically prevent an employee from competing with an employer after their employment ends…. Continue Reading