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The Case of the Defamed Doctor – SLAPP’ing Down Defamation Cases in Texas

Posted in Constitutional Rights & Issues, Legal Risk Management, Social Media & The Internet

Special thanks to guest blogger Alex Fuller for this month’s post.             Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;             ‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;             But he that filches from me my good name             Robs me of that which not enriches him,             And makes me… Continue Reading

Don’t Be a Target: Mitigating Liability From Cyber Attacks

Posted in Legal Risk Management

During the holiday season, Bullseye, a big box retailer, was the victim of a cyber attack that compromised the credit and debit card information (including PIN and CVV codes) of nearly 40 million of its customers.  The attack immediately spawned dozens of class action lawsuits against Bullseye by customers, alleging that the retailer was negligent… Continue Reading

Lost or Stolen: Liability for Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Posted in Legal Risk Management, Money

On a brisk January day, Mary A. Richman opened her mailbox and was confronted with the sobering sight of thick envelopes from Visa, American Express and MasterCard each containing a month’s worth of extravagant Christmas purchases.  Although she expected the bills to be large, she didn’t expect them to be this large.  When she carefully… Continue Reading

In the Line of Fire

Posted in Legal Risk Management

Amon Fire and B.A. Ware have been hunting buddies since high school and have hunted with each other many times.  The two men head out one crisp November day to go turkey hunting, as they are bound and determined that this year’s Thanksgiving bird will not come from the local grocery store.  Fire and Ware… Continue Reading

Caught Coming and Going!

Posted in Legal Risk Management

Wanting to comply with the latest edict of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and give a recently released felon a break, Awft N. Cawssius ignored Pa Roll’s answer of “yes” to whether he had been convicted of a crime in the last five years and hired Pa to work as an armed security guard at Awft’s… Continue Reading

Them’s Fighting Words!

Posted in Legal Risk Management

With Halloween less than a week away, Bill Hatfield and his neighbor Randy McCoy are at it again. This time, it’s over McCoy’s pumpkin orange 38-foot recreational vehicle parked in front of his house.  Hatfield demands McCoy remove the eyesore.  When McCoy refuses, Hatfield successfully recruits other neighbors who together spearhead passage of a local… Continue Reading

In Fear of Your Life

Posted in Legal Risk Management

Out for a sunny ride on a lazy Sunday afternoon Izzy Skeerd and his family suddenly found themselves surrounded by motorcycles in front, behind and on either side of their sport utility vehicle. One motorcyclist was wearing a GoPro camera that later showed EZ Ryder “brake-checking” Izzy’s SUV. When Izzy tapped EZ’s rear tire and… Continue Reading

Is Revenge Porn Legal?

Posted in Legal Risk Management

In the aftermath of her failed relationship with Mortie Fyed, Ima Riled did the unthinkable: She uploaded sexually explicit photos and videos of Mortie online – photos Mortie sent Ima in confidence. Ima allegedly posted them to scores of revenge porn sites, online hubs where scorned exes publish intimate photos without their former lovers’ consent…. Continue Reading

Asylum’s Just Another Word for Nowhere Left to Go

Posted in Criminal Law, Legal Risk Management

U. Hyde Meah’s employer required him to agree contractually that top secret information he reviewed as a technical contractor for the United States government would not be disclosed. Later Hyde leaked details of several top-secret mass surveillance programs to the press. Hyde sees himself as a hero and a whistleblower. The U.S. government views him… Continue Reading

The Supreme Court Narrows the Definition of “Supervisor” – The Cat’s Meow for Corporations

Posted in Employment & Labor, Legal Risk Management

Ellen Tabby, an African-American, has worked for Binge and Purr, a cat food manufacturing company, for several years.  Tabby reports to Stephanie Schnauzer, who is white. Tabby and Schnauzer argue like cats and dogs. Tabby is convinced that Schnauzer’s poor attitude toward her is rooted in the fact that Tabby is African-American.   Although Schnauzer directs… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Piece of the Pie: Texas Adopts the Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Posted in Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

Pizza the Action is a major distributor of pizza dough and toppings and provides these products to many large national pizza chains.  Pizza the Action’s top sales person, Eaton Wright, just announced that he was resigning and that he had accepted a position with The Pie’s the Limit, an upstart competitor in the very same… Continue Reading

Mistakes Have Consequences – British Petroleum’s Settlement

Posted in Legal Risk Management, Money

Three years ago, Tilting told tales of oil spill legal problems suffered by Forrest Gump, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Wok Ann chu-gumm Seafood Restaurants, Chef Red Fishy and Bishop Carp. Tilting predicted class action lawsuits against British Petroleum and big settlements. Bubba, Chef Red and Bishop Carp ignored Tilting’s advice and never joined a lawsuit…. Continue Reading

Have Gun, Will Travel: Owner’s Liability to Patrons for Violent Acts

Posted in Constitutional Rights & Issues, Criminal Law, Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

Attendees at the midnight showing of the remake of the movie “Paladin – the Gentleman Black Knight” were ambushed at the Orpheum Theater. According to news reports the accused bought a ticket and sat in the audience. He waited until after the movie started and then stepped out where he donned riot gear and re-entered… Continue Reading

Keeping a Good Name: Protecting Yourself From Internet Defamation

Posted in Constitutional Rights & Issues, Legal Risk Management, Social Media & The Internet

Local dermatologist Dr. Nomo Ackney’s former patient Idgy Skinn is posting derogatory comments and inferior ratings on HealthGrades.com, Rate MDs.com, Vitals.com, AngiesList.com, TopIx.com and Ackney’s Google Places. He is even calling out and speaking ill of Ackney’s family members and posting Ackney’s home address on Facebook. The complaints detail Ackney’s treatment and allege she is… Continue Reading

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Can You Really Be Sentenced for Perjury?

Posted in Criminal Law, Legal Risk Management

Chuck Ponzi is subpoenaed to testify in a fraud case concerning a complex pyramid scheme.  Ponzi’s deposition testimony is critical to the Plaintiff’s claims that investors were promised a 100% profit within 90 days of their investment.  Having read about Roger Clemens recently avoiding perjury charges because his deposition testimony was not presented in court… Continue Reading

Some Good Deeds Go Unpunished – Can You Be Sued for Rendering First Aid

Posted in Legal Risk Management

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning at the swanky Bushwood Country Club.  Carl Spackler, the greens keeper, has done a remarkable job of ridding Bushwood of its recent gopher problem, and the course is in immaculate shape for the club championship.  Al Czervik, a member of the day’s first foursome, approaches the first tee box, carefully… Continue Reading

Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell?

Posted in Legal Risk Management

While on her way to get a café macchiato, Paris Hyatt dropped her beloved pocket Chihuahua, Pavlov, off at the trendy Waco grooming studio, Doggie Styles. Two hours later, when Hyatt returned, she was confronted with the horrible news that Pavlov had run away after being scared by a loud hair dryer. Fortunately, Pavlov was… Continue Reading