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Closely-Held Shareholder Derivative Actions are Alive and Well in Texas

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management

After 30 years of running his family-owned business, Hillbilly Oil Co., Jed Clampett decided to retire in 2013. The board of directors elects Jethro Bodine as Hillbilly’s President and Elly May as Vice President. Both Jethro and Elly May sit on the company’s board of directors. Soon after taking over, Jethro is presented with a… Continue Reading

Paying Child Support: Are Your New Hires Being Honest?

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Criminal Law, Employment & Labor, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management, Money

Knowing that his old high school friend Iman Dedbeet had just been taken to the cleaners by his ex-wife Goldilocks in a nasty divorce, Johnny Clueless decided to help Iman out by hiring him as his general sales manager at Clueless Automotive. Johnny knew that Goldilocks got full custody of Dedbeet’s kids and that Dedbeet… Continue Reading

The Coming Silver Tsunami: Families May Lose 70% in Wealth Transfer

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management, Money

Record Wealth Transfer. Over the next 30-40 years about $12 trillion from those born in 1920s and 30s will be transferred to the baby boomers, and the boomers are expected to transfer some $30 trillion to their heirs, with more than an estimated $59 trillion transferred from 93.6 million American estates from 2007 to 2061…. Continue Reading

A Measle-ly Lawsuit: Can Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate their Children be Sued?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management

Yearning to leave the frozen wasteland of Dallas, Texas behind her if just for a moment, Penny McCrathy, an outspoken anti-vaccination advocate, took her unvaccinated children to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Not knowing that her children had been exposed to measles by a foreign tourist, Penny brought them back to Texas and sent them back… Continue Reading

Divorce – Four Business Reasons for a Prenuptial Agreement

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management, Money

With an ongoing Oklahoma divorce case in mind last month Tilting wrote about Tigh A. Knott, his wife Lucy Knott and how a business owner’s divorce can impact his business and affect his partners. The real players were Harold Hamm and his wife Sue Ann. Last week the court granted Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm… Continue Reading

Divorce – Impacting Your Meddlin Hands Partners!

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management, Money

To the other four minority owners who enjoyed the meteoric rise of Meddlin Hands Cleaning Products, when Lucy Knott sued their majority partner Tigh A. Knott for divorce, the divorce was anything but routine. Lucy wants half of the business and day to day participation. With no company agreement, the other shareholders face the prospect… Continue Reading

Who’s Your Daddy? Child Support Liability for Sperm Donation

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management

Kevin Seaman, a sophomore at the University of Texas, is looking to make a little money to buy his special gal a present for Valentine’s Day.  Shunning work at the Gap and afraid to be a guinea pig for experimental drug clinical tests, Seaman seeks more romantic fund raising.  Late night searching on Craigslist surfaced… Continue Reading

Limits on Gifts to Teachers and other Public Servants

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Family Issues, Money

Dana Plato is a 6th grade student at a public school in south Texas.  Plato’s favorite teacher is Mr. Socrates, who teaches world geography.  Unfortunately, world geography is Plato’s worst subject.  In fact, Plato is dangerously close to failing the course.  Whether or not she passes is dependent upon how she scores on the final… Continue Reading

Legal Issues Relating to Dog Bites

Posted in Family Issues

This past Valentine’s Day, Chip Stone (a sculptor) gave his longtime girlfriend, Sarah Bellum (a neurosurgeon), an adorable 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier that he rescued at the Dallas animal shelter.  Sarah immediately fell in love with the affectionate and docile 6-pound dog that the prior owner had, for some unknown reason, affectionately named Piranha.  This past… Continue Reading

Can You Change Schools due to Bullying?

Posted in Family Issues

George McFly, a 9th grader at Texas Hill Valley High School, is dreading the first day of school. As has been the case since the 3rd grade, Biff Tannen has made McFly’s life at school absolutely miserable. First, there was the time that Biff accidentally tripped McFly in the cafeteria which sent McFly (along with… Continue Reading

Common Law Marriage

Posted in Family Issues

Corrie O. Graff and Dan Saul Knight are ice dancers competing at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.  Graff and Knight have lived together for eight years in a North Dallas apartment adjacent to the Galleria, where they sneak onto the ice each night after the mall closes.   Besides competing together, the two have also… Continue Reading

Parents’ Liability for Children Pranks

Posted in Family Issues

I have always enjoyed a good prank, particularly one with an element of revenge.  Maybe it’s just the “good old day” syndrome, but it seems like kids’ pranks these days lack creativity.  As I drive my 6-year-old to his T-Ball game each Saturday morning, we count the number of houses between mine and the field… Continue Reading

Annulling a Marriage Rather than Divorce

Posted in Family Issues

Marianne Haste and William Arryme developed a close relationship through a popular online dating service.  After dating for several months, Marianne and William recognized that they were meant for each other and scheduled a Valentine’s Day wedding.  After a beautiful, fairytale wedding, the newlyweds were whisked away in a limousine to live happily every after. … Continue Reading

Workplace “Love Contracts” Acknowledging Unmarried Relationships

Posted in Employment & Labor, Family Issues

Valentine’s Day is over and, despite the fading roses on Connie’s desk, Dale Dalliance and Connie Canoodle were adamant that they have no romantic involvement. That is, until the new company security camera caught them in a compromising situation in the warehouse last week. To compound the problem, Dale is married and is a line… Continue Reading

Creative Prenuptual Agreements

Posted in Family Issues

Sally Svelte was just wild about Harry. They agreed to exchange traditional wedding vows – with just a couple of additions written into a prenuptial agreement. Harry, smitten by Sally’s slender 120 pound figure and her famous Thanksgiving Holiday Pecan Pie, proposed that her weight must stay at 120 pounds.  The agreed contractual penalty for… Continue Reading