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Loving Thy Neighbor & the Defamatory Flyer

Posted in Defamation

Pete Kusdel was walking his dog through his neighborhood one morning when he saw papers strewn all over one of the streets—it looked like a recycling truck had lost its load!  Mad as heck and ready to call the local garbage company, he soon realized that each piece of paper had a picture of his… Continue Reading

Defamation: Internet Crisis Control

Posted in Defamation

Arriving at his warehouse last week Knott Faire, owner of Faire Carpet Cleaning, discovered yet another complaining critique posted on WELP: “Lots of hype, a mediocre cleaning and a hassle at the end. Don’t get tied up with Knott!” In over 75 previous reviews only 3 were slightly negative. Since the “hype” complaint, another dozen… Continue Reading