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Presidential Privilege? Why Presidents Can’t Escape Litigation in Office

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three weeks, you know Donald Trump was elected the next President of the United States.  You also probably know that some of Mr. Trump’s companies are defendants in various lawsuits.  Individuals have also threatened to file individual lawsuits against Mr. Trump.  Can Mr. Trump be… Continue Reading

Open Carry? Or Not?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Constitutional Rights & Issues, Legal Risk Management, Property Issues

Police Chief Steroid McMuscles reported that Colt Glockenhand who entered Wally-Mart with a shotgun was not charged with “engaging in the lawful open carry of a pump-action shotgun” – a violation of the Cut and Shoot town ordinance. However, when Colt entered Kreamy Kreme, loaded his shotgun and pumped it in front of witnesses, Chief… Continue Reading

A Measle-ly Lawsuit: Can Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate their Children be Sued?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management

Yearning to leave the frozen wasteland of Dallas, Texas behind her if just for a moment, Penny McCrathy, an outspoken anti-vaccination advocate, took her unvaccinated children to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Not knowing that her children had been exposed to measles by a foreign tourist, Penny brought them back to Texas and sent them back… Continue Reading

Left Shark and Lawsuits – Who Gets Bitten in the End?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy

Halftime was just the Beginning: A backup dancer in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show goes viral upstaging the singer, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson for MVP. Thanks to social media, “Left Shark” became a “thing” overnight and an enterprising entrepreneur (Frederick Sosa) sells internet 3D printed figurines to cash in on the immediate success… Continue Reading

Finding Fault with Fracing – Lawsuits and Earthquakes

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Property Issues

Lisa Frick, our fictional Denton resident, who collected anti-fracing ordinance signatures to put on the Denton City Ballot now complains that fracing near old Texas Stadium caused earthquakes that harmed her twin sister Linda. Linda wants to sue our November fictional friend Frac Petroleum Company, contending that her Irving home was damaged by the January… Continue Reading

Does My Business Need Riot Insurance?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Property Issues

Broken windows, looting and fires were some of the lasting images from the Ferguson, Missouri riots.  And if you looked at those pictures closely, you may have noticed that a substantial number of the damaged businesses were locally-owned, “mom and pop” shops.   And if you are a business owner, you couldn’t help but ask yourself… Continue Reading

Divorce – Four Business Reasons for a Prenuptial Agreement

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Family Issues, Legal Risk Management, Money

With an ongoing Oklahoma divorce case in mind last month Tilting wrote about Tigh A. Knott, his wife Lucy Knott and how a business owner’s divorce can impact his business and affect his partners. The real players were Harold Hamm and his wife Sue Ann. Last week the court granted Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm… Continue Reading

Fracing! Come and Take It!

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy

Believing that she could no longer endure around-the-clock noise, dust and truck traffic in her residential Denton neighborhood, Lisa Frick and friends collected signatures to put a proposed ordinance on today’s ballot Generally Providing That Hydraulic Fracturing Operations are Prohibited in the City of Denton. Frac Petroleum Company, among others, argues that the City of… Continue Reading

Weighing in – 1.2 Billion Usernames and Passwords. What, Me Worry About CyberSecurity?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, *Weighing In - IMHO

Last month one of our lead articles was Cyber Security: Forewarned is Fair-Warned. Last week the New York Times published an article reporting that at least 1.2 billion usernames and passwords were hacked by a Russian cybercrime group by the name of CyberVor from upwards of 420,000 distinct web sites. A very interesting CNN article on… Continue Reading

“Affluenza” Follow-Up

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy

For those of you who took an interest in our Affluenza article from June, you may be interested to know that there are developments in the real-life story. Frederick Couch, the father of “affluenza” defendant Ethan Couch, was arrested for impersonating a police officer in North Richland Hills, Texas. Thanks to NBC5’s Scott Gordon for the… Continue Reading

Gimme a U-N-I-O-N!

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Employment & Labor

Willa Bepayed is a standout attacker and a Senior on State Tech’s volleyball team. Willa read about Kan Doit, the Southeastern quarterback who’s leading the unionization drive before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Like Kan, Willa Bepayed and her teammates also routinely spend 40 to 50 hours a week on volleyball – a full-time… Continue Reading

The Case of the Defamed Doctor – SLAPP’ing Down Defamation Cases in Texas

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Constitutional Rights & Issues, Legal Risk Management, Social Media & The Internet

Special thanks to guest blogger Alex Fuller for this month’s post.             Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;             ‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;             But he that filches from me my good name             Robs me of that which not enriches him,             And makes me… Continue Reading

Don’t Be a Target: Mitigating Liability From Cyber Attacks

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Legal Risk Management

During the holiday season, Bullseye, a big box retailer, was the victim of a cyber attack that compromised the credit and debit card information (including PIN and CVV codes) of nearly 40 million of its customers.  The attack immediately spawned dozens of class action lawsuits against Bullseye by customers, alleging that the retailer was negligent… Continue Reading

Them’s Fighting Words!

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Legal Risk Management

With Halloween less than a week away, Bill Hatfield and his neighbor Randy McCoy are at it again. This time, it’s over McCoy’s pumpkin orange 38-foot recreational vehicle parked in front of his house.  Hatfield demands McCoy remove the eyesore.  When McCoy refuses, Hatfield successfully recruits other neighbors who together spearhead passage of a local… Continue Reading

Is Revenge Porn Legal?

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Legal Risk Management

In the aftermath of her failed relationship with Mortie Fyed, Ima Riled did the unthinkable: She uploaded sexually explicit photos and videos of Mortie online – photos Mortie sent Ima in confidence. Ima allegedly posted them to scores of revenge porn sites, online hubs where scorned exes publish intimate photos without their former lovers’ consent…. Continue Reading

Five New Texas State Laws from the 83rd Legislature Affecting Every Business

Posted in *2013 Legislative Updates, *BTW - Noteworthy

Jeff Leach (LRM associate and Texas House Representative), helped us recap 5 bills of critical interest to you and your business passed in the last Session. DRUG TESTING FOR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS (SB 21) Drug testing required to receive unemployment benefits IF employer required pre-employment drug screening. The legislation, effective September 1, mandates if someone submits… Continue Reading

Wanna Bet? Betting About Baseball Returns to the News

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Money, Sports & The Outdoors

In 2011, Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun became the first MLB player to successfully challenge, and evade, a 50-game suspension for suspected use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).  Coincidentally, that same year, Braun went on to win the National League MVP award.  Although many thought that Braun escaped on a technicality, Braun was not without… Continue Reading

Asylum’s Just Another Word for Nowhere Left to Go

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Criminal Law, Legal Risk Management

U. Hyde Meah’s employer required him to agree contractually that top secret information he reviewed as a technical contractor for the United States government would not be disclosed. Later Hyde leaked details of several top-secret mass surveillance programs to the press. Hyde sees himself as a hero and a whistleblower. The U.S. government views him… Continue Reading

The Supreme Court Narrows the Definition of “Supervisor” – The Cat’s Meow for Corporations

Posted in *BTW - Noteworthy, Employment & Labor, Legal Risk Management

Ellen Tabby, an African-American, has worked for Binge and Purr, a cat food manufacturing company, for several years.  Tabby reports to Stephanie Schnauzer, who is white. Tabby and Schnauzer argue like cats and dogs. Tabby is convinced that Schnauzer’s poor attitude toward her is rooted in the fact that Tabby is African-American.   Although Schnauzer directs… Continue Reading