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Holiday Parties – Top 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Hangups

Posted in Around the Holidays, Employment & Labor, Legal Risk Management

Wanting to avoid hang-ups at its annual firm holiday party, the law firm of Dewey Cheatham and Howe invited its employees, their spouses and dates, and offered everyone a complimentary Uber ride home. For those living too far away, they were offered an overnight hotel stay. Assuming that the free ride home was a license… Continue Reading

Will Over-Serving Your Guests Ruin Your Holiday (Legally Speaking)?

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Around the Holidays

The middle of the holiday season means more than just busy shopping malls.  It is also the time when many people host holiday parties.  After attending Mora Rounds’ holiday party and consuming several adult beverages, Bitu Tipsy agreed to drive her friend Shannon home.  Shannon did not know Bitu had been drinking.  Unfortunately, Bitu crashed… Continue Reading

You Have the Right to Vote MY WAY: Can Companies Influence their Employee’s Vote?

Posted in *Way Out - Advice, Around the Holidays, Constitutional Rights & Issues, Employment & Labor

Barack Romney owns a timber and building products business. Earlier this month he mailed his employees a packet suggesting that many of the company’s more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer consequences of higher gasoline prices, runaway inflation, and other ills if we elect a candidate who want to “spend money on subsidies,… Continue Reading

Happy Anniversary!

Posted in Around the Holidays

Happy Anniversary!  Four years ago this month, we embarked upon Tilting The Scales. Even more amazing, this month we reach our 100th posting milestone! Passion. We discovered our passion to deliver thought provoking, humorous and, hopefully, useful articles designed to assist you in your business as well as answer those nagging legal questions which you… Continue Reading

Notable Presidential Pardons

Posted in Around the Holidays

“Biscuits” and “Gravy” are two regular, ole “toms” who represent the 45 million turkeys “condemned” to be Thanksgiving dinner this week. Specially selected for their beauty, Biscuits and Gravy were coddled, cared for, flattered and fed by the Tomfool Wattle Eco-Foods Farms for their “judgment” day. Unlike their fellow toms, Biscuits, as the representative of… Continue Reading

Can You Call it a Christmas Party at the Office?

Posted in Around the Holidays, Employment & Labor

Kris Kringle wanted to celebrate the Christmas season in style with a knock-out-the-lights “Christmas Party” complete with a turkey dinner and all the trimmings.  However, human resources manager Holly Dais insisted that the bash must be called a “Holiday Party” due to the diverse nature of the workforce. Holly implied that to call the company… Continue Reading

Texas Fireworks Law

Posted in Around the Holidays

Sure, fireworks are fun, but be cautious and careful. Below are Texas’ Top 10 fireworks laws (but remember, laws may vary county to county). Happy Independence Day to America, this July 4, 2008! THE TOP TEN TEXAS FIREWORKS LAWS, HOW TO AVOID GETTING POPPED Ever notice how we don’t shoot fireworks off for Easter? Fireworks… Continue Reading